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All you need to know about hormones

All you need to know about hormones

We tend to hear a lot of “stories” rightly or wrongly about how our hormones affect us and what shall we do about them in order to balance and feel better about ourselves.

So, at Medi-Gyn, being a Hormone Specialists, we have decided to shed some lights on this touchy subject.

Q: How do hormones affect various aspects of our health?

Hormones affect everything from blood sugar to blood pressure, growth and fertility, sex drive, metabolism, and even sleep. Their influence goes as far as changing the way we think and act day to day. There is no doubt that hormones have an extremely powerful effect on our bodies.

A hormonal imbalance can often lead to problems such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal symptoms, infertility, miscarriages, osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, fibromas, endometriosis, menstrual problems, mood swings and ovarian cysts.

While you may hear a lot about how hormones affect women’s function and life, they play an important role for men, too.

Q: What Hormone Therapy do we use?

Medi-Gyn offers treatments through a variety of methods including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (“BHRT”) – these hormones are similar to the hormones produced by the human body and are used as solution for those whose own hormones are low or unbalanced.

Bioidentical hormones are produced in compounding pharmacies, meaning doses and treatment plans are specific to each patient, rather than a one size fits all approach.

If you are interested in BHRT and would like to know more, take a look at Menopause Relief Programme.

Q: What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and have an identical chemical structure to the naturally occurring hormones which are produced in the body.

These differ from synthetic hormones used in traditional HRT.

Q: How Bioidentical Hormones differ from synthetic hormones?

Bioidentical Hormones differ from Synthetic Hormones used in traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”): Premarin and Oestradiol are both prescription medications used in HRT, replacing depleted Estrogen levels and, as a result, assisting in alleviating any symptoms.

The HRT usually prescribed by GPs uses Synthetic Hormones called Premarin, which are derived from horse urine, whereas Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (“BHRT”) uses Oestradiol, hormones that are derived from the Diosgenin in Mexican yams.

Synthetic hormones have a chemical structure that may be similar to but are not exactly the same as the hormones produced by the body.

Bioidentical hormones are structurally identical to the hormones that are produced by your own body.

BHRT is an alternative to HRT, which uses bioidentical hormones to treat hormonal conditions. We take a personalised approach, providing medicine tailored to you and your needs as there is no such thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to health.

BHRT is very effective at enhancing quality of life, slowing down ageing, and improving wellbeing as naturally as it can be done at this stage.

Q: What is the difference between Synthetic vs. Bioidentical [natural] hormones?

Bioidentical Hormones – are the exact copy of endogenous human hormones use progesterone, estriol, and estradiol either as single or multiple-ingredient prescription to fit your hormone levels, needs, and symptoms.

Synthetic Progestins had the potential to stimulate breast cancer cell proliferation when combined with the synthetic estrogens and demonstrating a clear link between breast cancer, stroke, heart disease, and blood clots.

Q: What are the benefits of Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical Hormones are similar to the hormones produced by the human body and are used as solution for those whose own hormones are low or unbalanced. These can be very beneficial for patients who are experiencing a hormone imbalance and are looking for a treatment of such conditions as

  • Irregular menstrual cycles, depression, sleeping issues, constant forgetfulness, perimenopause, menopause, andropause (for men), mood swings, irritability, PCOS, PMDD and many other conditions

BHRT can also be used as an alternative for those who have tried synthetic hormone treatments, such as HRT, but experienced unwanted effects as a result.

Symptoms such as hot flashes, low energy, sleepless nights, irritability, mental fog etc. can be extremely difficult to manage. Restoring the levels of your Hormones (no matter your age) is a life changer, offering you and your family a peaceful future together.

Q: Will I benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (“BHRT”)?

Bioidentical hormones are effective for both men and women at reducing the symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. BHRT can be used to treat a very wide variety of hormonal imbalances from menopause in women and andropause in men, to PMS, postnatal depression, thyroid disfunction and many other conditions.

Those who suffer from conditions such as endometriosis, or other menstrual problems that are often traditionally treated with synthetic hormones, can find that BHRT is an excellent option instead.

Q: What are the benefits of bioidentical hormones for women?

  • Reduced mood swings
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy
  • No more hot flashes
  • Less headaches
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved libido
  • Reduced joint pain

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy has a huge positive impact on women’s quality of life.

Our Hormones are like a symphony and when optimised, we feel amazing and can show up in the world the way we are supposed to. Unfortunately, this process can be affected due to age, stress, diet, sleep and toxins, turning our symphony into a broken record.

Q: What is the difference of bioidentical hormones and body identical?

Both body identical and bioidentical hormones are made with the same ‘ingredients’ – hormones extracted from natural sources that are identical in chemical and molecular structure to those occurring naturally in the human body – but there are differences between the two including the manufacturing process.

  • Body identical hormones are produced by large pharmaceutical companies in regulated, set doses and application methods. This one-size-fits-all approach works for some patients, but body identical hormones cannot be altered to cater to those with more specific needs.
  • Bioidentical hormones are produced by compounding pharmacies. These pharmacies are able to prepare custom doses and application methods to address the individual needs of a patient.

At Medi-Gyn, we work with some of the best pharmacies in Europe and Middle East.

Q: Are Bioidentical Hormones safe?

We are often asked about the safety of bioidentical hormones, particularly whether bioidentical hormones are safer than the synthetic versions commonly used in HRT. There have been many studies on bioidentical hormones, however, as they are officially “not drugs” label and as such, they don’t require expensive, large-scale trials.

At the same time, it is a fact that

  • Human-identical hormones ie. Bioidentical Hormones, excellent blood values are achieved without the undesirable side effects of synthetic hormones such as fluid retention, depression, breast sensitivity, weight gain, etc.
  • The side effects of synthetic hormones are due to their intrinsic effects because, chemically speaking, they are completely different compounds which at best act similar to the body’s own hormones. They also occupy the hormone receptors in the body, so that the body’s own physiological synthesis is negatively affected.

Q: Are there any clinical studies done on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The clinical data available certainly suggests that bioidenticals are safer eg. a long running research which studied 80,000 post-menopausal women found that taking progesterone plus natural estrogen had no raised risk of heart disease or cancer. HRT had been licensed on the basis of favourable trial results for years before this WHI study.

Those who took only estrogen had a 29% rise in their risk of breast cancer. But for those on progesterone as well the cancer risk disappeared. Combining estrogen with various non-identical progestins, however, pushed up the risk by as much as 69%.

In our experience, many women prefer bioidentical hormones as they feel much better on them and don’t experience the side effects associated with traditional HRT.

As part of ongoing treatment reviews, we require blood tests, mammograms and pelvic ultrasounds so we can keep a close eye on the effectiveness of treatment and any potential side effects.

Another concern that some have about the safety of bioidentical hormones relates to the dosage. Critics of BHRT say these labs can get the doses wrong or sell contaminated batches of hormones. But each patient’s bioidentical hormones must be prescribed by a doctor and is made in a lab known as a compounding pharmacy. These compounding facilities are often used by hospitals and are providing a range of drugs for doctors all the time. They are tightly regulated and overseen by the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Q: What are the common hormonal disorders?

Some of the most common types of hormone ie. endocrine disorders include:

  • Menopause
  • Diabetes
  • Addison’s disease
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Graves’ disease
  • Hashimoto thyroiditis
  • Hyperthyroidism/hypothyroidism

All of the above conditions can be addressed by balancing your hormones.

Q: What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalances?

Hormone imbalance symptoms that affect your metabolism

  • Slow heartbeat or rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
  • Unexplained weight gain or weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea or more frequent bowel movements
  • Numbness and tingling in your hands
  • Higher-than-normal blood cholesterol levels
  • Depression or anxiety.

All of the above conditions can be addressed by balancing your hormones.

Q: How are hormonal imbalances diagnosed?

To be certain of your Hormone levels we ask you to perform the right Blood Test Anylisis with some specific Blood Test parameters which you must undergo

  • either at the Laboratory suggested by us or
  • your local Laboratory at the destination

Once the results are available, we review and create your Personalised Protocol Booster.

Q: What lifestyle changes can assist in maintaining hormonal balance?

Certain lifestyle practices, including

  • exercising regularly, and eating a nutritious diet rich is protein and fiber

can assist you in balancing balance your hormones naturally.

At Medi-Gyn we provide a tailor-made Lifestyle Change & Advice Guidance, assisting you in making that vital change now so that your body and mind can benefit for years to come.

Visit our Blog for more insightful tips and great articles on this subject.

Q: What role does nutrition play in hormonal health?

Maintaining hormonal balance relies on a well-rounded and nourishing diet as its cornerstone. It provides the necessary nutrients for hormone production, metabolism, and regulation.

Food can affect the production and secretion of hormones by direct actions on the gut, by nervous reflexes, through changes in the concentration of various metabolites in the blood, or secondary to changes in circulating gut hormone levels.

At Medi-Gyn, we specifically focus on underlying causes of any condition rather than treating symptoms of a given cause.

Q: How is BHRT used?

Before BHRT can be prescribed, you will be seen by your Medi-Gyn Center Specialist, who will carry out a comprehensive consultation to gather all necessary information about your symptoms, medical history, and any test results.

Any treatment will be tailored to your individual needs as one size does not fit all. BHRT medication is usually prescribed as a lozenge or cream, formulated to your personal requirements. Any treatment plan with us will include regular follow ups and ongoing monitoring to help achieve optimum results.

Find out more about the patient journey.

Q: Is BHRT natural?

Regarding the Bioidentical Hormones used by Medi-Gyn, the word ‘natural’ is used to refer to the structure of the hormone molecules, which are produced from natural plant sources (Mexican yams*). The chemical structure is 100 % identical to the naturally occurring hormones produced by your body’s own glands.

The bioidentical hormones we use are compounded by Pharmacies-Specialists seamlessly deliver your bespoke hormone prescriptions, which can come in different formats, from creams, to lozenges.

*Our Compounding Pharmacies based in Germany & Dubai with over 25 years of experience in the field uses the yams root as the main supplier of bioidentical hormones

Q: How long will I have to be on BHRT for?

Many women are concerned they will need to be on BHRT for the rest of their life. As the hormone therapywe provide is completely tailored to you, the duration of any treatment will be specific to you and your needs. Some will experience symptoms for just a few months whilst others may experience symptoms for years.

We will provide Hormone treatment for as long as you have the symptoms and as long as it continues to improve your well-being.

Q: Are there natural ways of regulating hormones?

You can also balance your homone levels via some good lifestyle practices that may include

  • exercising regularly, and eating a nutritious diet rich is protein and fiber

can assist you in balancing balance your hormones naturally.

At Medi-Gyn we provide a tailor-made Lifestyle Change & Advice Guidance, assisting you in making that vital change now so that your body and mind can benefit for years to come.

Q: How can I maintain hormonal health while ageing?

Our Hormones are like a symphony and when optimised, we feel amazing and can show up in the world the way we are supposed to.

Unfortunately this process can be affected as we age, from things like stress, diet, sleep and toxins etc. while turning our symphony into a broken record.

The good news is we offer such solutions as Hormone Balancing, Well-Ageing Programme options which can assist you to optimise your hormone levels and to thrive again … and not just survive.






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