what to expect

what to expect

We want you to feel confident, knowing exactly what to expect from your visit to MEDI-GYN Center being reassured that your experience is to be completely bespoke and as individual as you are. 

The client journey, on the other hand, will follow a specific route, which we have outlined below.

Book a FREE (15-min) Consultation with a Fertility & Hormone Specialist

to understand your circumstances
and identify how we can assist you

Book a Programme

The right 2-month Programme is advised and should be booked Fertility | IVF Prep | Menopause | Andropause [men] | Hormone Balancing | Longevity

book programme

all payments are to be made prior to commencing your Programme

Client Symptom Questionnaire

is received, completed [off or online]
and submitted to Medi-Gyn prior to your
Consultations with Specialists

Consultation with Gynaecologist [in person]

examination, pathology, ultrasound, prevention of potential conditions 

  • Dr. Priyanka Mehta, at Hortman's, Dubai
  • your local Gynaecologist at the destination

ps. Please note that any charges related to this service are to be settled with the provider

Consultation with Hormone Specialist

considers your lifestyle, epigenetic changes, medical history, infertility concerns, fundamental reasons for failing IVFs, mental, emotional
factors, diet, exercising – to understand your condition in detail and offer the right solution i.e. a 2-month bespoke Protocol

Diagnostic Blood Tests

of specific parameters are to be tested

  • at our Laboratory at Hortman's
  • any Laboratory at your destination

ps. any charges for your Blood Tests are to be settled separately either at Hortman's or otherwise

Blood Test Results received & Protocol is created

Blood Test Results are received, communicated to you while your Specialists review them and prepare your Protocol

book programme

An additional payment – a range of €1,900 – 3,000* – for all products in your bespoke Protocol Booster Box is to be made prior to posting the package.

*depending on your Blood Test results and health conditions

Protocol, Bioidentical Hormones & Booster Box [supplements]

are received by you [usually within a week]

ps. call/ email us if you have any any questions otherwise please wait until a DEMO Call

DEMO Call [zoom]

is arranged with your Fertility & Hormone Specialist to clarify your Protocol, BHRT & Supplementation

A 2-month Bespoke Protocol begins

Email to check on you

& continued support is complimentary during the first 4 weeks of your Protocol

IVF Partner-Clinic Introduction & Referral

ONLY related to our Fertility Optimisation & IVF Prep Protocols

Post-Protocol Blood Test Repeat

After having completed 2-month Protocol, we strongly suggest that all our patients repeat limited Blood Test parameters to

  • assess your post-Protocol hormone levels
  • adjust [or not so] your hormone dosages
Repeated Test Results received

by our Team, we analyse them and provide you with the latest feedback [via zoom call]

Review Follow Up [zoo call]

to explain your latest results and adjust your Protocol in accordance with your latest Blood Test Results

ps. please note that this service is charged as a Follow Up Consultation [Aed 1,115]

book programme

payment is to be made prior to commencing your bespoke Programme



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