what to expect

what to expect

Our aim is for you to feel confident, knowing exactly what to expect from your experience with MEDI-GYN being reassured that your experience path will be completely bespoke and as individual as you are.

The client journey, on the other hand, will follow a specific route, which we have outlined below.

You can rest assured that we are here with you every step of the way.

Book a FREE (15-min) Consultation with our Fertility & Hormone Specialist

so that we can understand your circumstances
and identify how we can assist you first.


One of the Programmes is to be
advised to you during your 15-min
Consultation with our Specialist:
Fertility | Infertility Management
Hormone Health | Longevity

book programme

payment is to be made prior to commencing your bespoke Programme

Client Symptom Questionnaire is competed online

the Questionnaire is to be completed online
and submitted to Medi-Gyn prior to your
consultations with our Specialists.

1-Hour Consultation with our Gynecologist [In PERSON] who does your examination and prescribes Blood Tests

examination, pathology, screening of reproductive organs (Ultrasound), prevention of any potential condition through their identification at early stage.

You can do the above with

  1. our Gynecologist if you are local
  2. if you are not local patient, your Gynecologist at the destination

p.s. Please note that any charges related to this service are to be settled with the provider

1-Hour Consultation with Fertility Specialist (Zoom/In PERSON)
who considers your entire life situation – medical history, infertility concerns, fundamental reasons for failing IVF treatments, any mental, emotion, psychological factors, your lifestyle, diet, exercise routine – in order to understand your condition in detail and create a specific solution for you via your own, unique Personalised Protocol Booster.
Diagnostic Blood Tests

You can do them in various ways:

  1. at the Laboratory that we suggest
  2. any Laboratory at your destination through our Gynecologist

Ps. Please note that any charges for your Blood Tests are to be settled separately with service provider

1-2 WEEKS LATER - Blood Test Results received & your Personalised Protocol Booster is created

Once your Blood Test Results are received by us, our Fertility & Hormone Specialist carefully reviews them and prepares your unique, Personalised Protocol Booster

buy protocol booster

An additional payment – a range of €180-550* – for all products in your Personalised Protocol Booster Box is to be made prior to posting the package.

*depending on your Blood Test results and conditions

You receive your Personalised Protocol Booster & Booster Box
P.S. If you have any question about your Protocol, you should call, email us immediately to clarify them.
30-min DEMO Session (via ZOOM)to explain your Personalised Protocol Booster & Booster Box

with our Fertility & Hormone Specialist is to be
arranged to clarify your Personalised Protocol
Booster & Supplementation and/ or BIHRT Box
received by you

Your 3-month Personalised Protocol begins

3 DAYS LATER – Our Message to check on you

Our continued support is available to you during
a 3- month period of your Personalised Protocol

IVF Clinic - Partner Introduction & Referral [ONLY …

ONLY for our Fertility and Infertility clients
who would like some assistance during
their conceiving stage

3 MONTHS LATER – Blood Test Repeat

You are asked to do some additional,
a limited number of Blood Test parameters
in order to assess your current, post-Protocol
Booster condition and evaluate your progress

1-2 WEEKS LATER - Test Results received by us

Once we receive your additional Blood Test
Results (supplied by you or our Laboratory), we analyse them and provide you with the latest feedback

A ZOOM Call Follow Up

To explain your results and adjust your Personalised Protocol in accordance with your latest Tests Results

book programme

payment is to be made prior to commencing your bespoke Programme


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