Fertility and Hormonal Health
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fertility – gynecology – hormone health – longevity
Your Personalised Protocol Booster
Higher chances of conceiving naturally
Bioidentical Hormones
Balance your Hormones with natural, science-driven approach
Infertility Management
Proven track record & high success rate

Fertility and Hormone Health
Center Worldwide

fertility – gynecology – hormone health – longevity

how we can help

At MEDI-GYN, we address the underlying causes of any condition rather than treating symptoms of the cause for

Led by experienced (over 10 years), board-certified Fertility & Hormone Specialist, Marketa Häkkinen ND, Medi-Gyn considers your entire life situation

medical history, infertility concerns, fundamental reasons for failing IVF treatments, any mental, emotion, psychological factors, your lifestyle, diet, exercise routine

in order to understand your condition in detail and create a specific solution for you via your own unique
Personalised Protocol which offers 3 times higher success rate of conceiving naturally.

Natural & science-driven solutions through Bioidentical Hormones

compounded by the same molecule as the human body hormone molecule

enhanced chance
of conceiving naturally

while guiding you every step of the way through
the process

personal protocol booster
just for you

curated Chinese herbal blends, natural supplements
(micronutrients) & Bioidentical Hormones

restoring & balancing

while making your feel confident & reassured
in your future

feel, look & be you

the way you feel is everything & you deserve
to feel your very best

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