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Medi-Gyn Center at Hortman Clinics, Dubai


Medi-Gyn Center at Hortman Clinics, Dubai

We are proud of joining forces with Hortman Clinics to provide specialised programmes and treatments in the fields of

  • Gynaecology and Cosmetic Gynaecology Services
  • Menopause [via Bioidentical Hormone Therapy]
  • Fertility and IVF Preparation
  • Longevity & Well-Ageing


One of the key aspects of our collaboration is to bring Medi-Gyn knowledge and expertise through our bespoke, science-driven Protocols to the wider audience while touching a life of each and every individual’s unique hormonal as well as fertility needs with a common denominator of all Medi-Gyn Programmes being Hormones.


Hormone Balancing & Menopause Relief Programmes:

At Medi-Gyn, we recognise that every woman experiences menopause differently, and we believe in crafting customised solutions to address their specific hormonal needs.

Our approach includes:

  • Offering Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT) tailored to the individual’s latest blood test results
  • Utilising potent Hormone Balancing & Menopause Relief Chinese Herbal Blends
  • Offering Supplementation with the right micronutrients, adaptogens
  • Providing Bespoke Lifestyle Advice and Guidance, encompassing nutrition, exercise regimens, nutritional and supplementation recommendation


Fertility Optimisation:

We also offer comprehensive fertility optimization services, grounded in the latest scientific insights while adopting a holistic, the whole-body approach that considers the entirety of one’s well-being. Our approach considers

  • mental, emotional, psychological factors, medical history, infertility concerns, and various lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise routines


IVF Preparation & IVF Coordination [with IVF Clinic]:

This protocol aims at addressing fundamental reasons for previous IVF treatment failures.

We provide a three-month bespoke IVF Preparation Protocol, empowering our clients to take control of their fertility and gain a deeper understanding of their infertility issues.

After following these personalised protocols, our clients experience a natural boost in fertility with an up to 86% success rate of the very first IVF treatment. Some couples have an opportunity to conceive naturally, others, if needed, are referred to partner IVF clinics.

Many of our clients successfully conceive after the first round of IVF, thanks to the Medi-Gyn personalised IVF Preparation Protocol diligently designed and managed by Marketa Hakkinen, our Fertility-Hormone Specialist and Embryologist.

Through our collaboration, Hortman Clinics and Medi-Gyn aim to deliver tailored, effective solutions that prioritise the unique needs of each individual in the realms of gynaecology and cosmetic gynaecology.

Medi-Gyn offers the following bespoke, science-driven Programmes:

Hormone Balancing 2,750
Menopause Relief 2,750
Longevity & Well-Ageing 2,750
Fertility Optimisation 3,950
IVF Preparation & Coordination 3,950


For more details, please contact:


Medi-Gyn Center

+971 5 55 45 0797





Hortman Clinics

+971 4 566 2615

+971 52 200 5011



Burj Al Salam Tower

32 floor, Trade Center

1, Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, UAE


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