Ms Bond – Menopause Success Story


At Medi-Gyn we provide solutions to problems that many have suffered from, not just for months, but for many years in some cases.

Our Patient :

Meet our client Ms Bond, a 50-year-old woman whose menstrual periods gradually began to stop at the age of 49 and then stopped completely during the past year

The key concerns for Irina was that she wanted to address her

  • sleep disturbances and morning energy drops. These two factors created a lot of problems for Ms. Bond, both on her physical and mental well-being

And so, Ms. Bond came to seek Medi-Gyn’s advice.

Key Symptoms:

  • Scatteredperiods
  • Morningenergylevels drop
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns

The Patient’s goals:

Although Irina’s most common symptoms of menopause were minor in comparison to other cases, Irina

Although Ms Bond’s most common symptoms of menopause were minor in comparison to other cases, Ms Bond was keen on

  • preserving her energy levels, fresh and toned facial and body features and overall health

This is what made Ms Bond happy and function in her day to day life and was a key component in maintaining her sound mental health, preserving her energy levels, fresh and toned facial features, youthful look and overall health condition for as long as possible.

With that in mind, Irina turned to Medi-Gyn for a hormone balancing solution for body’s well-ageing processes.

Medi-Gyn Solution:

Ms. Bond contacted Medi-Gyn and after an initial consultation, we were able to quickly establish what Ms. Bond’s requirements were in order for her to lead an improved lifestyle and have a healthy life.

Bioidentical Hormone Balancing Programme:

Ms. Bond was put on a Bespoke Hormone Balancing Programme that offers a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to assist Irina in balancing her hormones while keeping her young and fresh appearance as well as addressing her sleep disturbances and her drop in energy levels.

The Process

Having completed Irina’s Blood Test Analysis our Specialists were able to identify that certain hormonal markers, two female hormones – Estradiol, Progesterone – were considerably low (see the table below) and that Irina’s body has already entered a menopause stage.

Medi-Gyn offered Ms. Bond a Hormone Balancing Protocol that mainly based on

  • Bioidentical Hormone ReplacementTherapy – Estradiol (0.5%), Progesterone (0.5%), DHEA 25mg, Prognenolone
  • Potent Supplementations including micronutrients andadaptogens namely
    • Iron, Vitamin C

that Irina followed to the letter which ultimately led to desirable outcome.

Not only were her energy levels now at their peak, but she also noticed a considerable change in her skin and muscle tone as well as was able to have a good night of sleep which truly transformed Ms. Bond’s life.

Below is a table with all main hormonal markers in question before and after Ms. Bond’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Hormonal markers Before
(Jan 23)
(Apr 23)
Oestradiol <5 44 Skin, hair, joints, lubrication, mental health, sleeping patter improvement
Progesterone 0.129 0.83 Body toxicity, cancer &degerative illnesses protection
Pregnenolone 47.2 Mother of all hormones
SHBG 117.0 Testosterone&Oestradiol ratio
DHEA 92 142 Androgens: cell energy, libido, mental health

I am thrilled with the results of my Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Not only was i sleeping poorly but my energy levels were dropped day by day, especially in the morning. Now, I can honestly say that in this era of my life, at 50, i am truly at my happiest. My energy levels are soaring and my quality of life has vastly improved.

Thank you again, Medi-Gyn Team”



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