IVF Preparation

IVF preparation programme

To achieve 86% success rate of conceiving just after your 1st IVF Treatment, we offer you and your partner

  • a 3-month bespoke IVF Preparation Protocol considering 

any epigenetic changes, mental, emotion, psychological factors, medical history, infertility concerns, reasons for failing IVF treatments, your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, exercise routine, your family situation, social life, family genetic background

As the above has a significant impact on your ability to conceive, carry a pregnancy to full term and have a healthy newborn too

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  • A higher success rate of conceiving via your own IVF Preparation Protocol
  • Stress free as you know what, when & how to do it
  • Quick timing while being guided all the step of the way
  • Knowledge is power – you feel empowered and confident during the process
  • The Whole-Body, epigenetic approach is effective as we see and address the underlying condition rather than symptoms of a potential condition
  • Positive Path to Conception – you take control of any of your infertility issues right now
  • Any woman over 35 years of age
  • Anyone who have been trying to conceive for the last 6 months with no success
  • Any woman (over 35)/ couple who has already had some unsuccessful IVF Treatments
  • Any woman/ couple who would like to conceive sooner rather than later
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (“BIHRT”) is suitable only for any lady over 40 years of age

Feel confident and reassured by knowing each STEP of your way in your journey.

  • Please complete a Client Symptom Questionnaire (see your inbox) prior to any initial Consultations with our Specialists on or offline 

    ps. If you don’t receive it, please ask for the Questionnaire to be sent to you directly.

are two vital steps in the process and they should be completed either 

  • at our Gynecologist [if you have one, if not please do ask us] for any local clients or
  • at your Gynecologist at the destination


Blood Tests: You should receive an email from us [see your inbox] with a list of specific Blood Test parameters depending on your Programme with us (if you have not received it, please ask to be re-send). Blood Tests can be completed either 

  • at the Laboratory suggested by us (please ask) or 
  • at your local Laboratory at the destination

Once the results are available, please send them to us for our review and your personalised IVF Preparation & Coordination Protocol.

enables you to feel empowered and more in control of your fertility as well as for our team to

  • understand your infertility issues, medical history, lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, family genetic background etc. in more detail
  • have a well-informed view of how your whole body works as we treat the root of the condition while practising “the whole-body approach”

Our Fertility Expert, Marketa Hakkinen ND., creates your 8-12-week Personalised IVF Preparation & Coordination Protocol, providing you and your partner with the latest know-how in the field of fertility, stress free environment and that vital personalisation based on your blood test results, medical history and genetic background.

Medi-Gyn IVF Preparation & Coordination Protocol includes:

  • Powerful Chinese Herbal Blends curated by the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • to boost your immunity and reproductive organs in order to
      • decrease FSH while increasing quality of ovum (eggs), sperm, endometrium, AMH hormones as well as couples’ mental health boost
      • reduce the 1st & 2nd stage of endometriosis and PCOS, insulin resistance (if required)
  • Dietary Supplements including vital Micronutrients, Adaptogens designed in collaboration with a scientific team
    • to boost immune system, increase ATP energy in your cells, and increase that oxygen flow around the reproductive organs
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy** (“BIHRT”) is created based on your latest Blood Test results
    • BIHRT is hormones with the same hormonal molecule as your own body, being as close to human hormones as possible making it a natural and safe way to awake your body’s self-healing power
  • Lifestyle Change Guidelines that accelerate your body’s healing process


Once your IVF Preparation & Coordination Protocol Box is ready,  we can either collect it from our offices or we post it to your destination (if requires).

 *all payments for your Booster Box with supplementation and its postage should be made prior to their postage.

**BIHRT is suitable only for any ladies over 40 years of age

  • Our Fertility Expert explains and clarifies in detail [via Zoom] your Personalised IVF Prep Protocol including the content of the IVF Booster Box – with various supplementations, micronutrients, adaptogens etc.
  • Timing plays a vital role for any IVF Prep & Coordination Protocol, and Medi-Gyn swiftly connects you with the right IVF Clinic-Partner for you and your needs
  • While you are undergoing your Personalised IVF Preparation & Coordination Protocol with us, your Fertility Expert prepares and coordinates your upcoming visit to our IVF Clinic-Partner
    • Planning your IVF Treatment
    • Reviewing your Blood Tests results and previous examinations with Doctors at the IVF Clinic
  • Certain part of your treatment, you would be able to complete via some Zoom assistance as well as by seeing your Gynecologist at the destination e.g. ultrasound checks 
  • Other aspects of your treatment – e.g. after having had some Ovaries Stimulation Treatment – should be addressed at the IVF Clinic-Partner and, therefore you should be ready for a trip in order to have your Egg Retrieval and Sperm Collection procedures
  • 5 days later – you undergo fresh embryo transfer remaining a 48-hour period in a “resting mode”
  • After finalising the above procedures at our Partner-Clinic, you may be able to fly back home
  • 2 weeks later, you may wish to test HCG for pregnancy
  • If you undergo PGT genetic testing at the IVF Clinic, your blastocyst will be freeze for few days, and then you will only be able to have a transfer [home] after a positive genetic testing result

feel confident and reassured by knowing each STEP of your fertility journey

initial consultation – 1-hour ZOOM / IN PERSON

enables you to feel empowered and more in control
as well as

  • to understand your personal fertility process more
in detail to connect you with the right IVF Clinic for you
to provide you with your own unique Personalised
    Protocol (link it to PP in Resources)
  • Fertility Boost Guidelines
  • Lifestyle Recommendations: a list of lifestyle
  • changes enhancing your chances of conceiving
diagnostic testing

You receive a list of specific parameters of Blood, Hormonal
and Micronutrient Tests which you can do at your
Gyneacologist / any local Laboratory once the results are
available, you should email them to us for a review
and creation of your own, Personalised Protocol

personalised protocol

Includes (depending on your personal situation)
Either (Strong Herbs, Micronutrients, Supplementation
and BIHRT) and / or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
Therapy “BIHRT”

ZOOM CALL follow up

Our Fertility Specialist explains and clarifies
your Personalised Protocol Booster including
your Supplementation / BIHRT Box in detail
via your ZOOM CALL

repeat your test

Having been on either some strong herbs, supplementation,
micronutrients and/ or BIHRT for 3 months, you should under
go an additional, short list of specific parameters of your
Blood, Hormonal and Micronutrient Tests that you should
conduct at your Gynecologist or a local Laboratory. Once
the results are available, you will need to email them to us
for review

client review appointment

After receiving your updated Test Results, we decide
whether or not the dosage needs to be decreased
or increased.

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The IVF Preparation Protocol has a major impact on your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term



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