Dr. Sarmistha Mirta

Holistic Health Expert | Subconcious Mastery

Founder of “The Wellbeing Sanctuary”

Today, over a decade of experience in holistic therapy, after acquiring wisdom from various disciplines and modalities, exploring the intricate connections between the mind, body, and spirit, Sarmista is a sought after therapist in the UAE and worldwide.


Her life’s mission is to liberate humanity from their stories of pain and sufferings. She founded “The Wellbeing Sanctuary”, where people begin their journey of self-discovery and wellbeing.


Leading by example, Sarmistha inspires her clients to step into their power, embrace their authentic selves, and create a life that resonates with their deepest desires.

Dr. Sarmistha’s story

Dr. Sarmistha’s story is about taking precautions before hitting rock bottom! Most people don’t do this before it’s too late…

She was a homemaker and her life changed when her son was preparing to leave for university #emptynestsyndrome. The thought of an empty nest haunted her as she wondered who she would become, feeling purposeless!

Instead of allowing this feeling to overwhelm her, she used it as a drive to embark on the most powerful journey of self discovery and to immerse herself in something that ignited her passion.

She wanted to use her curiosity; She wanted to unshackle herself from fear and so, she explored and dived into the depths of the mind, body & soul connection to really understand herself. She understood how our emotions are connected to our perceived threats and safety. Happiness & sadness, calm and anxiety, everything is connected to our perception.

She discovered that so many people never understand this, thus cannot identify what threatens them. As a result they have to wait until they hit rock bottom.

She realised that people never go through this process of self-discovery proactively, because there isn’t much awareness amongst the general population, that all our issues are connected to our perception of threats. And unintentionally pass these perceptions on to their children. This lead Dr. Sarmistha to develop her well-being concept and set up “The Wellbeing Sanctuary” www.yourwellbeingsanctuary.com .


Dr. Sarmistha’s accreditations include:

  • Masters in Transpersonal Psychology: Atlantic University

  • Teacher of DreamWork and Dream Interpretation: Atlantic University

  • Teacher of Meditation & Inner life: Atlantic University 

  • PG Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy: TASSO

  • Diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy: EKAA

  • NLP Master Practitioner: Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner

  • CBT: The Beck Approach

  • Somatic Work

  • TRE: Trauma Release Exercise

  • TRM: Trauma Resiliency Model

  • Up & Down: Bringing Balance to the Mind & Body

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