IVF Prep CASE – Healthy twins born

Couple conceive 2 healthy twins at Medi-Gyn
after 7 failed IVF treatments

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Meet a recent patient of ours at Medi-Gyn who came to us, after finding Medi-Gyn on social media.

Ms Wakil was a 38 years old woman who sadly had been struggling with conception for around 8 years. Diagnosed with having

  • a low ovarian reserve (female)
  • her partner has characteristics of male infertility

The couple have consequently tried IVF to conceive but, sadly,all 7 IVF treatments had failed.

Did you know that Infertility is becoming more and more common, especially since many couples are waiting to have children later in life? One in 4 couples in developing countries are affected by infertility, and about 48.5 million couples experience infertility worldwide

In the case of Ms Wakil and her partnerwe were able to help.

Medi-Gyn Solution:

Even though the morale for the couple was atall-time low, Medi-Gyn were able to lift the spirits of the couple which is vital in the conception process. A positive mind, despite previous failed attempts was an important mindset to have.

After numerous tests we found the best bespoke protocol to help the couple; for her / him to improve quality and quantity of oocytes/ sperm quality preparation for microsurgery TESA

What is the function of the Occytes?

An oocytes function in reproductive biology is to fuse with sperm after fertilization, transform into an embryo, then a blastocyst, and undergo a process called implantation where it attaches to the wall of the uterus. Once implantation occurs, the blastocyst becomes a developing fetus.

What is microsurgery TESA?

Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) is a simple procedure used to obtain sperm in men with obstructive azoospermia. Men with this condition produce sperm at a normal rate, but a blockage prevents the sperm from reaching the semen.

The process:

Post 12-week Protocol: the couple underwent an IVF Treatment while having a:

  • Light stimulation programme (female)
  • Microsurgery TESA – sperm separation method (male)
  • Fertilisation IVF+ ICSI
  • 2 Embryo transfers in blastocyst stage


We were delighted with the outcome which was the birth ofhealthy non-identical twins.



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