Marketa Häkkinen ND.

Fertility-Hormone Specialist & Embryologist

A board-certified with over 10 years’ experience as a Fertility & Hormone Specialist as well as an Embryologist, Marketa Häkkinen ND leads her clients through her signature fertility and hormone balancing Personalised Protocols while utilising Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Marketa’s Story

What started as a passion for overcoming her infertility challenges while creating her own family is now a Fertility and Hormonal Health Coordination Center in the heart of Monaco providing clients – women, men and couples – with holistic, natural, yet, scientifically driven services worldwide.

Being a board-certified with over 10 years’ experience Fertility-Hormone Specialist & Embryologist, Marketa Häkkinen ND is now leading the Coordination Center which addresses the very nature of what Marketa Häkkinen truly believes in:

an individual natural, yet, science-based approach to every client while considering holistic i.e. “the whole body” aspect of any issue or health condition rather than treating just symptoms of that condition

Marketa started her own infertility journey while experiencing her fertility issues at the age of 30. Having gone through so much emotional, psychological and physical pain of infertility testing and medical treatments for over 3 years with no success, Marketa
and her partner decided to take her fertility in their own hands while changing every aspect of their living: a complete change
of their lifestyle including dietary requirements of more micronutrient dense foods, strong Chinese herbs as supplements, exercise routine.

Not to mention a number of extensive studies completed by Marketa over the years to come:

Sure enough, the couple’s effort paid off within a 4-month of continued change in their “lifestyle Protocol”, they conceived their first daughter, Ella – a dream come true, indeed!

Today, Marketa Häkkinen, a 44 years old woman, with three wonderful children whom she loves more than life itself, while managing and coordinating couples’, women’s and men’s

  • fertility and infertility challenges as well as
  • various hormonal symptoms during Menopause, Andropause (for men) and any hormonal imbalances, applying a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, strong Chinese Herbal blends, natural Supplementation (including micronutrients) as part of Marketa’s very own “Personalised Protocol Booster”.

how we can help

We offer outstanding expertise in the field of Fertility, Hormonal Health and Longevity while working directly and collaborating with the best know-how that may assist you in satisfying your requirements



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